Snippet 1: Almost Everyone Ever Has Been and Will be Irrational

Fundamental hypothesis:

Differences in rational skills are small, across time and socioeconomic demographics.

The Democrats aren’t fundamentally more rational than Republicans, 17th century Tories aren’t fundamentally more rational the 17th century Whigs, or 19th century Marxists, or 16th century Catholics.

This also applies to “Enlightenment” era philosophers vs “Dark Age” philosophers.

It’s possible that different ideologies spawn frames that have more realistic maps, but not by virtue of the rationality of the people.

Perhaps this happens by virtue of the rationality of a few founding outliers on the irrationality – rationality spectrum.

However, the rationality of these outliers likely aren’t the reason that people adhere to the ideology. And these outliers in each era aren’t gifted with a rationality beyond the outliers of previous eras. Given a large enough population, these broad aggregations leave you with roughly the same distribution of rational and irrational people.

Much of this is informed by an observation that “education” is often not genuinely correlated with a real desire for or respect for rationality in day to day life, where by rationality I, of course, mean the desire to bring the map closer to the territory above other considerations.

Even those of us who seek to be rational mostly horribly suck at it.

…to be determined whether this is reasonable and if so, what it means.

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